“I’m a statesman, not a politician”


An outsider to the political arena, Bongi believes that our government has been hijacked by varying forces, including lifelong career
politicians, Socialist Democrats, the Communist Chinese government, Elite Globalists, the Mainstream Media, Hollywood and Big Tech.

Jeff ‘Bongi’ Buongiorno is a Conservative Constitutionalist and American businessman. An Italian American born into a working-class
Northern NJ family. Escaping the tyranny of New Jersey to the Great State of Florida over a decade ago Bongi sought memory care
professionals for his elderly mother Genevieve, new opportunities, & medical freedom. Jeff cared for his mother personally through the last
few years of her long battle with dementia.

Bongi is a fierce supporter of law enforcement. Early in his career Bongi served as a Mounted Deputy Sheriff.

Bongi’s philosophy is that low taxes and less regulation will spawn more opportunity for everyone, from the most downtrodden to the middle classes and beyond.

Bongi is prepared to stand up and fight for “We the People.” He believes the Constitution is as relevant today as it was the day it was signed.
Bongi is running for Congress to stand up for the people of his district and represent their interests in Washington. Straightforward, never wavering, he will represent the people as their equal peer, as our founding fathers framed.

While the Socialist Democrats are attempting to cancel the history of our great nation, Bongi is intent on protecting our constitutional and God given rights. Bongi will be an ardent defender and supporter of Self-Governance.


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