Triangle of Prosperity

Triangle of Prosperity

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  • Fiscal Responsibility-Preservation of Social Security and Medicare for our Elderly. Protect our most vulnerable citizens.
  • Election Integrity is a core component of a safe and free nation and must be a priority.
  • Restore respect for God & Country. Fund & respect all law enforcement agencies. Instill respect for Law Enforcement in our children.
  • Fiscal Responsibility- Strengthen the Homeland and Our Military. Peace through Strength. The current administration’s discretionary spending cuts the budget when inflation-adjusted.
  • Fiscal Responsibility-Balance our Budget, pay down debt. Our largest Geo-Political threat is our largest creditor, China. This is a formula for failure, we must change course.
  • Border Security- As simple as the Three R’s. Resume construction of the wall, Reinstate Remain in Mexico,
  • Repeal catch and release. A nation without borders is not a nation. Drugs are pouring over the border, this puts every citizen at risk.
  • Energy Independence- Open all pipelines, export liquid Natural Gas. This can be done responsibly and creates Jobs while strengthening National Security. The current administration has intentionally shut our energy industry down, this must be reversed.
  • Return our Supply chain to the homeland. We cannot be held hostage to foreign nations to deliver essential goods to our country. We need clean, affordable energy to accomplish this and a skilled workforce.

These are all National Security Concerns. Safety, Jobs, and education intersect to complete the Triangle of Prosperity


  • Accelerated depreciation of capital expenditures, Section 179 updated to 100 percent depreciation first year.
  • Create high-paying manufacturing jobs by returning the supply chain to the US.
  • A lower corporate tax rate will grow our economy. Lower taxes & a friendly environment means more capital investment and risk-taking by the business community.
  • To compete we’ll need a highly-skilled workforce- Hence the third pillar of the Triangle Of Prosperity- Education
  • We cannot spend our way to prosperity, we can grow our way to prosperity. More investment by the business community will create jobs and grow our taxpayer base.
  • Grants to manufacturing companies who have been Foreign Trade Impacted. Modernize our manufacturing plants.


  • Bringing our supply chain home and modernizing manufacturing will drive demand for skilled workers.
  • Incentivize the hiring and training of our disabled veterans. We owe this to our great Veterans!
  • Backpack, portable funding, and school choice. The federal government spends an average of $10,500 per public school student. Direct tuition reimbursements to parents who chose to send their children to private/charter schools. This will empower parents to optimize the educational outcome for their children.  
  • Modernization of a manufacturing plant often requires a retooling of the workforce. Reward manufacturing companies who bring jobs home with educational grants.
  • Expansion of Vo-Tech schools. Grants that cover education and training for in-demand skills. This requires Private/Public partnerships.
  • Revamp Workforce Development Program and the Workforce Investment Act. Access to low-income earners while they are employed. The current system favors the unemployed only.
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Triangle o f Personal Commitment


Self reliance “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Ronald Reagan. Look to yourself, family , friends and your church first! Government should lend a hand up and never a hand out. Invest in yourself. Never confuse Equity with Equality. Equality of opportunity for all citizens is the foundation of our country. We build our own equity, we sweat and earn equity through the fruits of our studies, labors and risk taking in business. We progress as individuals when we operate outside our comfort zone. Success comes from the effort you have given after you have given it your all.


Build equity in yourself. The more you learn, the more earn you earn, the more equity you build in life. Become an expert, start a business, take a risk, give back! Ensure your children are not indoctrinated into anti-American Ideology. Our public school systems are run by renegade board members who believe they are the stakeholder in your child’s educational trek, not the parent. Vo-Tech, state colleges over 4 year universities. Many universities have been hijacked & our children are indoctrinated to accept over reaching government and influenced by anti-American ideology.


Limited government, low taxes and less regulation is what I will fight for. This will undoubtedly provide a pro-small business economy. Build a business, invest in appreciable assets. Build equity in your life and society. Create jobs, build wealth and do not ever be ashamed of success!
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